How to train your dog to poop in the snow


Many dog owners are facing the problem of getting their dog to “GO IN THE SNOW”


you want me to go where

Dogs don’t like to go poop in the snow for these reasons:

  • The cold, wet snow actually touches their bottom.  Neutered males and females squat when peeing, so the snow will touch their bottom when they poop.
  • The snow has covered their favorite spots, and the scent that has previously encouraged them to go, is covered as well.

Tips to get your dog to “go” in the snow:

  • Make sure you use a command for your dog to go to the bathroom.  Use “Go Potty” “do your business” or “make busy.”  Your dog will begin to recognize THIS IS THE REASON WE ARE HERE and they will look for what they think is a good spot.

If you have not taught them a command to relieve themselves you can do the following:

  • Put your boots on and get into the snow with your dog and lead them to bushes, fences or trees;
  • Find spots where the snow has been blown away and is not so deep and lead them there.
  • Bring your dog to the edge of snowplowed areas, they are more apt to poop on the edge of this snow hill rather than in the middle of the flat plowed driveway or road.
  • Find fire hydrants or mailboxes that may be shoveled out and lead them there.  There may be a scent on those spots that can be detected and prompt them to poop.
  • In your own yard, shovel out a path with a bigger area at the end so that the dog has a path to follow and they will most likely poop there.  You can make lots of paths with “cul-de-sac” endings so your dog has choices.
  • Use wood shavings or mulch when grass is not present or snow is too deep.

Teaching your dog commands to pee and poop:

  • At the exact moment your dog is going to the bathroom, SAY your command.
  • When they have relieved themselves, PRAISE them.
  • Do this EVERY TIME your dog goes and soon they will know what you mean.
  • Eventually, no matter what the circumstances, your dog will relieve himself when you say the magic word.